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Global Cooling- a philosophical view

Today, we live in a world dominated by humans. There is no alternate specie as powerful and intelligent as humans are. They have learnt the art to survive even in the most severe conditions. From the past ice ages and to the warm periods of today, they have tended to thrive peacefully. Man may have been victorious to everything that has come to his path, but he is always retaliated by the forces of nature. No matter how savage he is, and how much modern he may become, but the nature always has something upturning for him. Today he may have adapted modern ways of living, but all are vain. If he is struck by an earthquake or some floods may have washed him away, adapting to these modern amenities will not save him from these extremes.

Before the industrial revolution saw its outburst, people were more irrational moreover superstitious in common term. Pick a person from the early 1700's (period before the Industrial Revolution) and ask him why his city was shook by an earthquake, he probably knows what an earthquake is or why his friend was washed away in the worst floods they have ever seen in history? Ask him whether he felt more hot or more cold compared to previous years? Did it snow abundantly this year or it was just some three or four flakes fallen. Did he see more rains this year or he died of thirst? He may have survived all, but when if he was asked about the reason for all this. He probably would have dumped it on God. Ask him why? Why God has brought such catastrophe to him, though he prays all day long? Ask him why God made his friend wash away in the floods no matter how dear he was to him and perhaps his answer would be, "They must have angered the Gods and proved their conviction to guilt or sin that they are bestowed upon by such barbarous blessings". However how much extreme the situation was, he has survived all, some blamed on God and some on fate.

Now, in the 21st century or the succession of the Industrial Revolution we can say, has seen the modernization of the human society. This could be in the terms of industries, power and energy, infrastructural development, vehicular up gradation, transportation, updating the arsenal etc. Changing with time is certainly a great sign of success. But this change has brought some stubbornness. Man is constantly running away from hard work. To restrain this, he has developed machines. The reliability on machines has made him so fragile that even for a short walk he has to turn to his vehicle. After the invention of air conditioner things have become luxurious disaster. It hasn't relieved man from the intense heat and warmth, but has exposed him more to its wrath. It isn't that heat has increased or the planet is warming. But in fact it is we, who are accustomed to this luxury. It is we, who are interdependent on machines, that now we have become so weak to these conditions that mild warmth feels like great heat. So, if we pick a person from this century and ask him why there are so frequent earthquakes and storms? Why he experiences more floods and droughts? Why he feel more heat then cold, and his answer would be "Climate Change" and if asked isn't this the wrath of the Gods or some sins? His answer would be No! It's just that we humans have dumped too much of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that we are facing these consequences. The problem is one and reasons are many. One blames it on God and the other on humans. One calls it God's fury and the other has given it a name of Climate Change!

Climate Change is a hoax. It's just a common stereotype that we all follow. The problem with humans is, they are too eager and trusts easily especially when the person is of great importance. Some great person in one corner of the world might have told it is 'Global Warming' and we on the other side believed. Yes, indeed it is Global Warming. Without knowing the actual fact, we started to sing the hymn of Global Warming and taught others too. And now like a disease, it has spread across the world. The fire lit by one has burnt the whole world.

Climate Change is such a frequent word nowadays, that it tops the Google's search list. But what exactly is Climate Change and what exactly is Global Warming? The heating of the Earth's atmosphere slowly and gradually, melting the ice at poles, flooding the cities and amplifying the intensities of storms with increased precipitation or we can say rain is what Climate Change is? Now, if the definition is clear, what exactly is driving it? The answer is very straight. Carbon dioxide is the main culprit. But the question is, to what extent? To what extent is carbon dioxide such a potent gas? How it has earned such fame in a very short time. We know that it is a greenhouse gas and traps sun's energy. But that is for our good. Without it we would have frozen to death. But that cannot be the reason for its guilt. People states that more Carbon dioxide means more absorption of heat that is practically true but untrue for Earth's increased temperature. If we look at the composition of the atmosphere, Carbon dioxide is 0.04% of it. Then how come such a small quantity brings such a drastic change. It is like a drop of ink in the ocean turns it blue.

Scientifically, if we look at our past, it's just certain cyclical changes that the Earth goes through. Like a human goes through various changes in his life, it's the same way Earth also go through these changes. Earth was formed some 4.5 billion years ago. In these billion years it has gone through various transformations. From a red hot planet it has evolved to a cool blue planet. Our Earth has seen 5 cold periods which we call 'Ice Ages', in the past and each ice age was followed by a warm period. Our last ice age ended some 2.6 million years ago giving rise to a warm period in which we all live today. Geologic studies reveal that previous ice ages had occurred even when the percentage of Co2 was 2000 ppm (parts per million) to 8000 ppm where today it is just 400 ppm. If such a large proportion can allow an ice age to form, than how come such a less fragment heat up the Earth? These particular parameters are a strong topic to think about. We are been deceived by some people and we let them to do so. Climate Change will not bring us any close to 'Dooms Day', but it will surely lead to serious political issues. Climate Change is not a matter of Carbon dioxide or Global Warming, but instead it is a matter of power amongst countries, matter of wealth and suppression.

How a country's wealth be calculated? By looking at its development or money in its bank account? Developed countries have developed themselves up to the brim of their potential. Developing countries like India, China or Sri Lanka tends to seek that development. Ever noticed, developed countries have sent the developing countries in such an enigma using the shield of Global warming that their growth has now become endangered. It is true that developed countries have done their part of development and now they restrict the developing countries to do the same using Global Warming threats.

Someone believes it or not, there is nothing like Global Warming. It may sound bitter and a bit rude but yes, it is true, there is nothing like Global Warming. Instead this is 'Global Cooling'. Now this may be some nonsense or an unpractical statement, but truth always hurts and people shouldn't contradict this.

We are currently in a period we call interglacial period (a period after a glacier or an ice age has retreated). Today we enjoy a warm period. Luckily we weren't there during the past ice ages, and then people would find some other factor for the Earth's cooling. Oxygen is safe in this matter. Probably if oxygen was to take Co2's place, then it might not be called a greenhouse gas. Why! Just because man can't live without it. Man is the biggest selfish. He has blamed Co2 for the warming, linking his own deeds with it. If he finds another contestant for the warming, he won't leave it too. Lack of strong contestant and without any confirmed proof has made Co2 to fall prey to this.

Co2 has neither messed up with the Earth's climate in the past nor is it doing now. Its just some cyclical changes the Earth goes through. We currently live in a Co2 starvation period, where past carbon content was 4 times greater to what we have today. If we look by a scientific view, these cyclic changes include Milankovitch cycles, galactic effects on Earth, El Nino and La Nina, eddies and jet streams, sun spots and many other factors. If someone goes through the above illustrated topics in detail. Then only he will develop a clear conscience of the Global Warming topic.

We are still in an Ice Age. That is why our poles are still covered with ice and it generally controls our climate. The modern warm periods we experience are the series of warming periods Earth has experienced in 1000 years. Co2 is not heating the Earth, it is just the Earth is coming out from the deep freeze. This same phenomena is like sitting in a fully air conditioned room with minimum temperatures for a long time and suddenly coming out in the heat, burns your skin. This was because; you were exposed to heat suddenly when your body was adapted to the cold. This same phenomena is happening with the Earth, but we have coined it wrong. But what we are expecting is totally a different story. We see our future with warm temperatures, sea level raised, Bangladesh totally wiped from the globe, Liberty statue almost under sea, poles and Himalayas running short of ice, increased floods and diseases, increased storms etc. How can someone say that heat and warmth drives wind? No! Planet Venus is much hotter then our planet Earth, but it has no winds. Winds are produced by temperature differences not by increased temperatures. Whatever we hear and see about Global Warming and Climate Change is all exaggerated.

Since the mid 19th century Earth's temperature has risen by half a degree and this continued even before cars and machines came into existence. Since then the temperatures has fallen for 4 decades and risen for 3. Volcanoes have produced more Co2 then any other machine on Earth. There are various documentaries been made and various researches been conducted on Climate Change, but none has given the exact reason for it. It is clear that the statements and assumptions showed in the documentaries are purely hypothesized. This had been worsening more by the TV news channel. News report frequently shows images of ice breaking from the edge of the Arctic, the video footage they display is always filmed in the summers but what they don't show is that it is just a normal advent of the Arctic, like the falling of leaves on an English autumn day.

Regardless of all, certain things can't be changed. We are actually moving close to another ice age that can be the doomsday for humankind, which can wipe the whole human specie from the planet. But that is a not a matter of worry. It will still take some more thousand years for Earth to become an ice ball again. The main factor to worry is not Global Warming or Climate Change, but human itself. Global Warming may have slow effect on us, but we are able to acclimatize to these conditions. But what if everything is wiped out suddenly which happened 66 million years ago where an asteroid, Chicxulub happened to hit Earth which marked the end of the cretaceous period by wiping all the dinosaurs within fragment of seconds. If this is to take place, then all the acclimatization and modernization is of no use as everything will be wiped within seconds. Suppose humans divert this collision by some means, then? It doesn't mean the worst is gone. Every country on this planet is fighting with each other in some or the other term, amidst which land dispute remains the major concern. World has seen two major world wars and a third one could bring an end of the society. The superior countries are secretly taming a deadly weapon called the 'Nuclear Weapon'. Last world war was ended by a nuclear weapon and a new world war would be started by one. But this remains an un- discussed topic every time. Humans are very biased regarding Global warming and Nuclear Power. According to them, Global Warming will bring an end to their civilization and Nuclear power shall bring peace.

If it is true for this scene, than people have not right to say Global warming is happening. If they can oversee the actual danger that prevails and consider the temporary changes as their end, then all books on Climate Change should be set ablaze, because what exists is ignored and what doesn't, is accepted, then what could be a more foolish thing than this.

After this entire story, if someone believes that Global Warming is still happening and we are the cause, then give him a rose.

"An increasing amount of climate research suggests a possibility of Global Cooling- Walter. E. Williams."