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Australia uses wave’s motion to produce electricity and desalinate water

Australia’s new CETO 5 system has come up with producing energy by wave power generators connected by electricity grid in Australia. According to Australian Renewable Energy Agency CEO, the system was channeling clean, efficient, zero emission energy into Australia’s power grid that provides energy to country’s largest naval base.

CETO 5 system is named after ancient Greek sea Goddess and it is a part of the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project, which is a multi million dollar project to commercialize large scale wave power.

CETO 5 consists of modular array of three, entirely submerged 240-kilowatt buoys and water pumps. These buoys are then moved by oceanic waves that activate the pump, pushing pressurized water through power turbines while simultaneously feeding into a desalinization system.

According to Carnegie Wave, CETO has multiple potential commercial advantages over other wave power generating system. CETO’s modular design is less susceptible to damage from storms and air erosion.

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