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Surat pips 14 cities in energy conservation

Surat, one of the largest city in Gujarat has seen quick advancement in production of energy from unconventional sources, its energy effective outlines and inventive green building ideas have won the affirmation of US Green Building Council. Fourteen urban areas of the nation participated in a national challenge in 'Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs' (LEED) organized by US Green Building Council and Surat was proclaimed the winner.

Surat emerged as a winner as it stood positive in all parameters like energy, water, waste, transportation, prosperity, well-being and security according to universal guidelines. The winner was pronounced after entire investigation of pertinent information; however there were no second or third places in the competition. The Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI) Private Ltd that organized out the national challenge is related with US Green Building Council and works for resource preservation and environment protection.

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