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Solar Water Purifiers

Suryagen develops technology for low-cost solar water purification. Using solar energy, water is evaporated and clean water is collected at the outlet. It can purify water with high hardness, TDS, heavy metals (iron, arsenic), chloride, fluorides and nitrates. We add a small quantity of vetiver to the water which gives it a unique taste.

The water from the purifier is collected in a glass bottle and sealed. This increases the lifetime of drinking water unlike sealed water in plastic bottles that have an expiry date for the plastic bottle which is due to the leaching of chemicals into the water over a period of time.

A simple glass incline, with a chamber that can hold three litres of water, can provide clear drinking water in areas where the only sources are contaminated with arsenic, fluoride or sewage. Rain, river, lake or well water, which is otherwise non-potable, is poured into the chamber. An inclined glass panel directs sunlight and catalyses evaporation. Pure water eventually is collected in another chamber. Two litres of clear, drinking water can be collected effectively in a day.

Developed by IISc. researchers and Suryagen Renewables, the drawings, tests and designs of the unit have been put up online to encourage anyone to assemble the setup, as manufacturing from Bengaluru would lead to inhibitive costs. “It costs us Rs. 4,000 to manufacture, but we want to open source the design and allow anyone to use it,” said Santosh H., head of the Product Development Team of Suryagen.


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