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Several villages in Kumaon adopt sustainable, eco-friendly practices

A large number of villages in the Almora district in the state of Uttrakhand, India have now adopted a new way of sustainability and eco friendly practices which has now become an inspiration for other villages. A village called Dadim Khola in the Almora district has taken up the practices like creating water bodies for irrigation and ground water recharging. The head of the village says that the people in his village are been trained in making fuel wood briquettes from the pine leaves. This has lessened their dependency on forest woods. The farmers also use the vermi-composting method. Now they have also planned to sell some of these products to the state government offices which can be later used in place of energy consuming heaters. According to a local resident the villagers have started farming of products such as turmeric, ginger, tej patta, etc which fetch them good money.

A dairy owner from the Namsa village of the same state says that the villagers are not benefited from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, so the people have decided to set up their own enterprise for dairy farming. A woman from the Guna village in Lamgara block of Almora, who has turned her farm into a veritable hub of biodiversity. She has perfectly run mixed farm with conventional grains harvested seasonally along with a variety of vegetables, fruits and exotic flowers. Additionally she also rears livestock for dairy and keeps bees for honey, which she sells on demand.


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