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Indian Guru cleans the world's most polluted river

Yogi Sadhguru by his nationwide campaign has raised awareness about India's threatened waterways from the holy Ganges to other main streams. Half a year ago he set off on a 5,778 mile journey to mark India's ailing rivers. River Ganges which is the most holy river for the Hindus is also the most polluted. Garbage, raw sewage and human corpse have polluted it along with half of the rivers in the country, raising a major problem of clean water and sanitation.

Isha Foundation, founded by Jaggi Vasudev also known as Yogi Sadhguru is a spiritual organization started in 1992. In 2017, Sadhguru wanted to highlight the critical conditions of Indian rivers so he started a campaign to revitalize country's waterways.

It was initiated by a month long mission called "Rally for Rivers", where supporters joined him as he travelled through 16 states and held more than 146 public events across the country. He stirred up bipartisan support from governments, media, celebrities, and corporations, bringing together 160 million people to voice their concern about the country's fluvial lifelines.

His endeavor was culminated in Delhi on October 2, 2017, where he proposed an official revitalization policy to the country's Prime Minister and Ministry of Environment. His campaign gained a popular international support and marked as a Global Ecological Movement.

After the success of the campaign, the organization also planned to plant trees that would cover border two-thirds of a mile wide and stretch on either side of the country's rivers. Sadhguru says this is the simplest way to revitalize the waterways, since planting trees can increase rainfall and replenish groundwater supplies. Plant roots stabilize river banks to prevent soil erosion, while their leaves shade the rivers to protect them from low flows and high temperatures.

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