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Generating Power through Printed Solar Cells

As the world progresses towards a sustainable future more and more people are integrating solar technology in their day to day lives. As the demand increases there is a constant increase in the innovation of this space. However, the manufacturing cost required for these technological solutions has always been a burden on the innovators of solar technology.

An Australian physicist has pioneered a new type of low cost printed solar cells which could be a possible solution to these problems. This technology could change the game for upcoming solar discoveries. These solar cells were made using specialized semi-conducting inks and printed using a conventional reel to reel printer. This energy solution is light, quick to manufacture and environmental friendly as it is printed on recyclable plastic sheets. This technology is a relief for the consumer as the installation process is made simpler and can be stuck on their roofs, using something as simple as an adhesive tape.

These tiny millimeter-sized solar cells replace hard, rigid glass-like materials and cost less than 700 Rs. per square meter when manufactured at scale. This means that for an average consumer it would only take 3-4 years to become cost competitive with other technologies. This technology has been made commercially available in new castle Australia and is still in its testing phase.

Researchers believe that this technology has tremendous potential and envision a world in which every building in every city in every country has installed printed solar cells. This technology could be a huge advancement towards a future that embraces the potential of solar.


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