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Man in Ranchi makes a Hindi speaking version of the Humanoid robot, Sophia

A software specialist from Ranchi, India claims to have created the world’s first Hindi-speaking humanoid robot. The inspiration, of course, is Sophia, the world’s first robot with both Artificial Intelligence and citizen status. The developer claimed it as world’s first Hindi speaking realistic humanoid robot and India’s first lip-synching robot. According to the proprietor of Lotus Communication, Ranjit Srivastava, Rashmi the robot uses AI, facial recognition systems and linguistic interpretation to pick up the “feeling of conversation” and elicit appropriate responses.

The Hindustan Times reported that Srivastava, a master of business administration (MBA), who has expertise in software development of more than 15 years, took two years and a meager Rs 50,000 to create Rashmi. “It will take one month more to give it complete shape of a human,” Srivastava told the newspaper. “Head and body have been developed and they are functioning properly. Process is on to add hands and legs to it.” Experts termed it an incredible achievement.

Humanoid robot is the need of future generation. It can work as bank receptionist, helper, friend of lonely people and others,” he claimed. Ask the robot anything, it will reply in the same manner. If the robot is told you are ugly, it replies…go to hell. Say you are beautiful, it will reply thank you. When asked about her favourite actor, it replied Shahrukh Khan. “It can talk for hours with a person and it recognizes the person after few meetings due to cameras fitted in its eyes,” Srivastava said.


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