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The Vermigold vermi-composter is a cutting edge solution to an ever growing problem of organic waste/wet garbage. The organic waste digester is designed to provide continuous processing of organic waste materials using 'in situ' earthworm processing technology based on sound vermiculture principles. It is an award winning organic waste converter recognized as the World's Best Practice in handling organic waste streams. Vermigold Ecotech has won the 2013 Energy Globe award from India. The Energy Globe Award is today the world's most prominent environmental award given annually to outstanding projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources.

The automated in-vessel compost system converts biological waste into eco-friendly solid and liquid organic fertilisers that can be used in gardens. The composting process can be described as follows: sorted organic waste is collected, then shredded and mixed according to a special recipe in the organic waste processor. Then it is converted by the earthworms in the composter. Advantages of the system include its compactness, meaning it occupies only a small area, its reliability and its low operating costs.

The company's overall environmental approach is also reflected in its use of solar energy. Throughout the world, more than half of the waste in landfills is organic waste, usually packed in plastic bags. This contributes directly to global warming. Vermigold systems cost only a third of comparable systems and only occupy one third of the surface area. The system reduces the amount of waste disposed as landfill, eliminates the need for transportation to the landfill site and instead turns the waste into a valuable resource. All this reduces carbon dioxide emissions and has a positive effect against global warming.


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