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Madhya Pradesh to produce organic fertilizer from human hair

The Madhya Pradesh government plans to start production of amino acid from human hair and provide it to farmers at one-third of the market price to be used as organic fertilizer. The government's environment department has signed an agreement with an NGO named Sarthak to produce and market amino acid. Human hair is a good source of amino acid and it is estimated that 1 kg hair can produce 20 litres amino acid. The hair is heated up to 400 degree Celsius when it turns into liquid, which is then mixed with water to prepare the solution. Like other fertilizer, amino acid solution mixed with water is sprayed on plants. Amino acid acts as natural stimulant and hair has different types of amino acid including lysine which is very good for legume growth.

MP is the second highest producer of legumes with 19.5% as per the data of MP agriculture department. The environment department of Madhya Pradesh and the NGO Sarthak will set up amino acid growth promoter plants in four big cities of Madhya Pradesh - Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Gwalior. The government is supporting the exercise technically and financially. The plant in Indore with a daily production capacity of 20 litres cost Rs 1.1 lakh. The government is planning a bigger plant in Bhopal which would cost around Rs 3 lakh. Environment department's principal secretary and pollution control board chairman said, "This is an innovative idea as there is no management of hair once it is cut and usually goes waste. Not only will the amino acid plants reduce the waste of hair it will also help the farmers in getting a good fertilizer at much lower cost."

Currently 20 saloons are providing hair to Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) free of cost for the test run in the plant. More than a hundred small and big saloons have shown interest in donating hair. According to IMC official, no additional cost will be incurred as the IMC employees are engaged in door to door collection of garbage.


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