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The City’s First Zero-Waste Market Is Coming to Downtown Toronto

The idea behind the concept is to reduce the single use; plastic packaging that generates tons of waste. According to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, containers and plastic packaging make up 23 percent of landfill waste. It is also the biggest source of pollution in the ocean. As you may have already guessed, you will be required to bring your own reusable bags and containers to the store to make a purchase. However, if you don’t have the habit of carrying reusable bags and plastic containers with you all the time, but still want to stop by the store to pick up a couple of things on your way home, Unboxed has got you covered. The store will provide you with a biodegradable paper bag and returnable glass bottles for liquid products.

Even though the concept of a plastic-free grocery store seems very simple, there are some downsides. The main issue that comes to mind is that in order to make our shopping experience plastic-free, we need to change our shopping habits, such as always bringing our own reusable bags and containers to the store. And that’s easier said than done, considering that every other grocery store is ready to offer you a plastic bag, if you happen to forget yours at home.

Former general manager of the first zero-waste grocery store in the United States that opened in 2012 said that even after 18 months it was impossible to change shopper’s habits. “You have to plan a lot to go to the grocery store with your own containers and people would go to the store across the street because they forgot their container. Unboxed will be located at 1263 Dundas St. West, Toronto and will span 1,500 square feet. Besides the product section, Unboxed will also feature an eco-conscious BYO-mug cafe, where customers will be able to enjoy fresh-baked treats, drinks and more.


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